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Welcome to Barapukuria Coal Mining Company Limited (BCMCL)

The Barapukuria coal deposit was discovered in 1985 while the Geological Survey of Bangladesh (GSB) drilled a wild-cat borehole to investigate a negative gravity anomaly in the area. Since then , a total of 35 deep boreholes were drilled, delimiting the area of coal resources and determining the structure, and the coal seam characteristics in terms of thickness and quality.


The surface geology over the entire project area comprises the Tertiary Dupi Tila formation, which unconformably overlays the Gondwana (Permian) coal-bearing sediments. These are folded into an asymmetric syncline or basin, whose axis strikes approximately north-south. A major fault forms the eastern limit of the deposit, beyond which, Archaean basement rocks (Pre-Cambrian) are present immediately below the Dupi Tila. Several lesser faults were identified within the coal basin by geophysical seismic survey.


The Gondwana sequence comprises predominantly sandstones, with subordinate siltstones and mudstones, which contain up to six coal seams in the centre of the basin. The lowest of these, Seam VI is the principal target seam of the mine project, and has an average thickness of 36m. It consists of a weakly-caking bituminous coal with average sulphur content of about 0.53% making it an ideal fuel for power generation, which is the primary identified market for the coal. In-seam inclusions of dirt (non-coal material) are variable, but mainly restricted to the uppermost and lowermost sections of the seam.

The western, northern and southern limits of the deposit are formed by the subcrop of seam VI beneath the basal Dupi Tila unconformity.

An in-situ reserve base of more than 200 Mt of coal has been calculated for the entire area. Recovery will be constrained by mine layout, method of extraction, and the number of slices to be mined, all of which will be dependent on experience gained during the initial production phases.

Currently, the mine has adopted Long Wall Top Coal Caving (LTCC) method to yield maximum quantity and in full swing production is going on as per schedule of production and coal is being sold to Barapukuria 250MW Thermal Power Plant and rest to other buyers.

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