Appointment Of MPM&PS Contractor

A “Management, Production, Maintenance and Provisioning Services (MPM&PS)” contract was signed between XMC-CMC Consortium and BCMCL on 8 July 2017 to maintain continuity of coal production. The contract period is 48 months. Under the new contract, the contractor will produce 3.205 MMT of coal, will supply one set of LTCC equipment, procure all spares and consumables required, will install 3 sets of Generators having 3.38 MW capacity of each, construct two new pump houses with sumps at -430 m and -500 m level with pipe shafts. The consortium will construct 6 hydro-geological bore-holes to facilitate coal extraction from 3rd slice of central basin. The contractor is liable of procuring Nitrogn Plants (2 sets) for controlling excessive heat in underground.