S.N. Title Body Publishing Date Download
1 BCMCL/200/89/1189 Celebration on National Energy and Safety Day 2016 07-08-2016 Download
2 BCMCL/200/89/512 Celebration of Bangla New Year 1423 05-04-2016 Download
3 BCMCL/200/89/826 Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman \'s birth anniversary celebrated in a befitting manner 15-03-2016 Download
4 BCMCL/200/57/191 Annual Picnic 2016 24-02-2016 Download
5 BCMCL/530/09/2805 Disqualification for taking all kinds of part in the tender for next 05 (five) years at Barapukuria Coal Mining Company Limited. 16-02-2016 Download
6 BCMCL/200/89/166 Celebration of Martyr\'s Day and International Mother Language Day-2016 16-02-2016 Download
7 BCMCL/02/89/1010 Celebrating on\" August 15 \" the National Mourning Day 12-08-2015 Download