Power Supply

Generator Installation And Commissioning

Under the scope of work of MPM&P contract consortium has been installed one diesel-generator which rating is 3.50MW and 6000 volt in May 2014. Out of two first one has been installed, commissioned and in operation now. The rest one has been installed, commissioned and in operation.

Electricity Supply

Efforts are taken continuously to ascertain uninterrupted power supply to the coal mine. As a part of this effort and considering increasing of future load and uninterrupted power supply an application to become a very high voltage class “G” type consumer (132kv) has been submitted to BPDB and the matter is under process. Beside this there were several successful meeting held between BCMCL, Petrobangla. BPDB and PGCB to establish uninterrupted and quality power supply to the coal mine. As a result of these meeting, BPDB is constructing a second 33kv electric line for the coal mine. BCMCL drew electric power on last 20-11-2014 from the second line. In addition to this BCMCL has decided to construct another dedicated line by installing a 132/33kv transformer from the nearby grid sub-station of PGCB at Barapukuria. This scheme will reduce power outage times and will have good impact on coal production as well as other activities of the coal mine.

Solar Water Heating System For Electricity Conservation

Against ever increasing demand of Electricity, the present Government has adopted all-out effort to increase electricity generation. There is Government directives to save electricity as much as possible. For this purpose renewable energy is an alternative option to use to ease the ever increasing demand of electricity. A solar water heating system has been installed which capacity is 4,000 liter at Company’s VIP Guest House in place of electric water heating system. Another solar heating system has been constructed on the welfare building for supplying hot water to miners in parallel to Boiler reducing coal consumption for this purpose which is running three years successfully. Both the systems are working effectively and gradually more solar heating system will be installed in future as per requirement.