S.N. Title Body Archive Date Download
1 BCMCL/200/85/1441 Quarterly activity report to create public awareness against dowry and violence against women and children adopted by ministry / agency office / association 02-10-2016 Download
2 BCMCL/200/85/1436 Monthly (September 16) Progress report 02-10-2016 Download
3 BCMCL/200/85/1442 Quarterly report onEmployment quotas in government employment, freedom , freedom fighters and martyrs in force in favor of the sons and daughters 02-10-2016 Download
4 BCMCL/200/85/1443 Quarterly report on Women\\\'s employment to meet the quota 02-10-2016 Download
5 BCMCL/200/85/1444 Quarterly (July-September 2016) report on Women\'s employment to meet the quota 02.10.2016 Download
6 BCMCL/200/85/1445 Quarterly (July-September 2016) Report of the National Women Development karmaparikalpana 02-10-2016 Download
7 BCMCL/200/85/1446 Monthly Report (September 2016) on Revenue and development budget for Manpower recruitment 02-10-2016 Download
8 BCMCL/200/85/1434 Monthly (September 16) Report on fulfillment of vacancies. 02-10-2016 Download
9 BCMCL/200/85/1435 Monthly report if Information on pending issue 02-10-2016 Download
10 BCMCL/200/85/1439 Quarterly report on Ministry based revenue and development for purpose of emploment. 02-10-2016 Download
11 BCMCL/200/85/1440 Quarterly Report (July-September 2016) on statistical of manpower, vehicles and office building 02-10-2016 Download
12 BCMCL/200/179/1459 Work plan and progress monitoring framework for National Integrity Strategory of 2016-2017 05-10-2016 Download
13 BCMCL/200/85/1438 Quarterly Report (July- September 2016) on Revenue and development budget for Manpower recruitment 02-10-2016 Download
14 BCMCL/200/85/1443 Energy Saving Report for September’2016 (2nd part) 02-10-2016 Download
15 BCMCL/200/30/1482 Energy Saving Report for October’2016 (1st part) 17-10-2016 Download