Subsidence Monitoring

Barapukuria coal mine is the first and only one coal mine in Bangladesh. Production from this coal mine has been started by underground mining method from 2005 and till running. For any underground mine surface subsidence is a common phenomenon. If mining activities continuing then surface subsidence also to be continued. Subsidence Monitoring is a common and important mining activity in an underground coal mine. The amount of subsidence being dependent upon numerous factors, such as geological factors, type of strata above the seam, method of mining, face length and width etc. So, surface subsidence monitoring on regular basis is essential. It will provide information of ground movement which will help to prepare future mining plan of the coal face, to estimate the total area of subsidence and resettlement of subsidence affected people etc. For that reason subsidence monitoring work is continuing for the betterment of the people, land and the company as well. Presently there is a joint schedule program by Barapukuria Coal Mining Company Limited (BCMCL) and Chinese CMC/XMC consortium for surface subsidence monitoring (Three times in a month) is going on.

Subsidence monitoring work is done regular basis by the BCMCL's personnel with the help of CMC-XMC consortium.

General Information:

         Total Estimated land to be subsided 627.73 Acre.
         Presently subsided area around 350 Acre.
         Coal mined out from coal seam: 3m. to 6m.
         Intensity of Subsidence 0.1~3.0m